World Boss

World Boss is a task logging RPG-style website where creators log daily tasks, share progress, and gain experience.
65 experience by Thor
chore: packages
65 experience by Thor
I fixed an issue with password resets on custom domains
65 experience by Thor
130 experience by Thor
Removed the signup button from Pro plan sites
Fixed an error related to new sites and null content
130 experience by Thor
Resolved an issue where user projects weren't loading after signing in
Fixed the sign-in issue on custom domains
0 experience by Thor
Updating images on the pricing page
315 experience by Thor
Identified a problem with Turnstile on custom domains and subdomains. Fixed the subdomain issue
Resolving layout issues with the masonry grid
Fixed the stack size check to only consider rows with logMeta, as we don't count what wasn't counted before
Refactored Boss battles to correctly log health changes ^4
Log stats for health changes and additional information, now with improved organization
60 experience by Thor
Added experimental World Boss battles
180 experience by Thor
Database forked for testing
Log and project permalinks have been added
Working on log permalinks
60 experience by Thor
Segmenting page collections and results based on subscription tiers
60 experience by Thor
Added project tags to the new log modal