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395 experience by Thor
Fixed the icon import names
Thor has defeated Nova
150 experience by Thor
The initial refactor of subscriptions is complete
Discovering import edge cases with Nuxt Layers fun :)
150 experience by Thor
Refactored my ever-growing SVG icon library
Started porting around 90 UI components and some state into a separate Nuxt layer
70 experience by Thor
Refactoring the subscription system and expanding it to support multiple sites per user ^6
70 experience by Thor
Scoreboard creation Interfaces, schema, and plumbing
370 experience by Thor
Started building out the scoreboards WebSocket and API endpoints
Thor has defeated Nova
70 experience by Thor
Nuxt layers and multi-tenancy refactoring
70 experience by Thor
Added new subscription options
295 experience by Thor
Thor has defeated Tiberius
Added the signup form and refactored the API endpoint
140 experience by Thor
Refactored the background images used in leaderboards and counters
Refactored member creation for new subscription plans. Trying not to refactor too much.
175 experience by Thor
Pumpkin farming
Merged the navbars and refactored the multi-tenancy architecture
Added the footer and legal docs
70 experience by Thor
Added the pricing table and feature containers to the homepage
580 experience by Thor
Updated the default counter increments and landing page images
Registered domain name:
Added most of the features text + images to the counters landing page
Implemented most of the text and images for the leaderboard landing page
Thor has defeated Nova
140 experience by Thor
Implemented some of the homepage copy and images
Started working on the landing page copy and images
Uploaded original trust
280 experience by Thor
Wired up the counter sorting watcher
Delete counters with a confirmation dialog and switch back to the list view
Added a switch to editing mode when the user clicks on the counter title
Updated the leaderboard layout to resemble a leaderboard rather than a counter
70 experience by Thor
Initial prototype for leaderboards created based on counters
70 experience by Thor
Wrapped up the client-side prototype of Counters
105 experience by Thor
Pumpkin gardening
I broke down the counters into more smaller components and added the new `defineModel` proxy
295 experience by Thor
Thor has defeated Tiberius
Split the counters into four more separate reusable components
70 experience by Thor
After trying useSortable, vuedraggable, and vue-draggable-next, the one that completely worked was vue-draggable-plus
70 experience by Thor
Breaking down the counter component into smaller more reusable components
210 experience by Thor
Added a navigation dropdown for creating new scoreboards, leaderboards, counters, and timers
Started building landing pages for counters and board creator tools
Custom navbar component
95 experience by Thor
Pumpkin gardening ^5
Added a little command prompt and keymap settings
240 experience by Thor
Thor has defeated Tiberius
130 experience by Thor
Refactor control to increment draggable
Replaced the draggable component to fix the sorting issue
65 experience by Thor
Implementing sortable counters and increments
65 experience by Thor
Added customization options for incrementing counters in the board settings
130 experience by Thor
Added reset and zero buttons to the counters for enhanced functionality
Added the actual counters and improved the responsive design of everything
130 experience by Thor
Coded the initial board and editor layout with customization options
Created a Vue dropdown component
65 experience by Thor
chore: packages
345 experience by Thor
R&D into experimental Nuxt/Nitro WebSockets
Thor has defeated Nova
65 experience by Thor
I fixed an issue with password resets on custom domains
65 experience by Thor
130 experience by Thor
Removed the signup button from Pro plan sites
Fixed an error related to new sites and null content
160 experience by Thor
Planted giant pumpkin seedlings in a sunny spot near the ravine
Resolved an issue where user projects weren't loading after signing in
Fixed the sign-in issue on custom domains
210 experience by Thor
Thor has defeated Tiberius
Updating images on the pricing page
315 experience by Thor
Identified a problem with Turnstile on custom domains and subdomains. Fixed the subdomain issue
Resolving layout issues with the masonry grid
Fixed the stack size check to only consider rows with logMeta, as we don't count what wasn't counted before
Refactored Boss battles to correctly log health changes ^4
Pizza 🍕
Wi-Fi issues
Log stats for health changes and additional information, now with improved organization
60 experience by Thor
Added experimental World Boss battles
180 experience by Thor
Database forked for testing
Log and project permalinks have been added
Working on log permalinks
60 experience by Thor
Segmenting page collections and results based on subscription tiers
60 experience by Thor
Added project tags to the new log modal
60 experience by Thor
Projects have been added to the user dropdown for listing, creating, and deleting
60 experience by Thor
Projects database table, SQL, Interface, store, and UI updates
50 experience by Maximus
Implementing the nightly World Corruption calculation task with Nitro
180 experience by Thor
Working on enhancing the new user experience
Added private worlds for testing and future needs
Updated the password reset endpoint and created an activation endpoint
60 experience by Thor
Fixed the stack size check when posting a log to ensure it only checks logs from the last 24 hours
120 experience by Thor
Added layout filters to the dropdown for the masonry and grouped view
Adjust the masonry layout after adding new logs
120 experience by Thor
Fixed the localization for logs grouped by date and continuing to monitor
Added the dropdown menu for World settings
55 experience by 0x
Updated the subscriber patch color
130 experience by 0x
Rainy walk
Added basic member limits to the system
Implemented the 30-day limit for adding custom domains
60 experience by Thor
Completed the tier 1 subscription settings and webhooks
60 experience by Thor
Added the subscriber patch to logs
120 experience by Thor
Getting ready to scale up to Pro! Exciting times ahead
Implemented Stripe webhooks
60 experience by Thor
Created the initial user subscription settings page
300 experience by Thor
Refactored the user table to reduce ambiguity
Implementing the Stripe session portal ^3
Updated the Stripe checkout session
Walk along the flood levee
Updated the cookie policy
Bringing systems back up and ensuring data integrity after database migrations
55 experience by Thor
Refactored permission checks to function with updated sessions
55 experience by Thor
Updating authentication sessions to improve multi-tenancy
55 experience by Thor
Cloudflare Calls is close what I was going to build with Durable Objects and Stream
55 experience by Thor
Refactoring multi-tenancy
110 experience by Thor
Created the Stripe Checkout session
Learning about Stripe subscriptions
110 experience by Thor
Rolled out the user settings form, schema, Interface, SQL, and endpoint
Fixed the text overflow within user profile stats
Hot apple cider
100 experience by Thor
User menu has been added to the navbar ^2
User stats are now displayed on the profile page
100 experience by Thor
Posting logs from a user's profile and populating the correct result set
Began developing the user profile, including character information and activity logs
50 experience by Thor
Testing the new user experience
110 experience by 0x
Refactored the API endpoint permissions to include expanded user scopes
Responsive design updates
215 experience by 0x
Navigation links added to the footer of the site ^2
Added the legal documents to the site
Walk around town
Base experience gain for work: 45 + (5 * level)
Added a log filters dropdown menu to the navbar